Friday, October 6 (1/2/3), and Monday, October 9 (4/5/6) BARCELONA

1. Taking into account the entrances to La Sagrada Familia
1. Group 1 (entrance at 10:00) + Group 2 (entrance at 10:15)
2. Group 3 (entrance at 11:00) + Group 4 (entrance at 11:15)
3. Group 5 (check-in at 12:00) + Group 6 (check-in at 12:15)
2. 8:00 Departure of coaches from Lloret de Mar
3. 9:30 Meeting with the guides at the Olympic Port (total 6 guides, languages Spanish-English)
4. Taking into account the time of the entrance to the Sagrada Familia, the guides will organize the tour by coaches.
5. 14:00 Meeting for lunch.
6. 15:00 Departure from Park Güell.
7. 15:15 Panoramic view of Paseo Gracia to contemplate the axis of Catalan Modernism.
8. The bus will stop in the Estació de França area and from there the group will go to the Born area for a short walking tour.
9. 17:00 – Bus pick up at Estació de França to start a panoramic tour of the Montjuïc area with a brief stop at the Castle or Olympic Stadium (depending on the area where the buses can park) for an explanation.
10. 18:00 – End of visit and guide service.
11. 18:15 – Return to Lloret de Mar and end of services.



Friday, October 6 (4/5/6/), and Monday, October 9 (1/2/3/) GIRONA

12. 09:00 Departure from Lloret de Mar
13. 10:00 Meeting with the guides in Girona. This is a loading and unloading point for tourist coaches in Girona. There will be the arrival and departure of the group.
14. 2 guides per bus to divide into groups of 20-25 pax each during the tour (total 6 guides, Spanish-English languages). THE WHOLE TOUR WILL BE DONE ON FOOT.
15. Visit of St. Pere Quarter, Archaeological Walk, Cathedral Square, City Walls, Jewish Quarter and Museum, Guild Quarter, and Rambla. End of the visit at Independence Square.
16. The visit lasts approx. 2h30-3h00.
17. the guide service will also end once the visit ends.
18. Free time for lunch – picnic
19. 18:00 – Meet the buses at the same point of arrival and return to Lloret de Mar. We believe that you will have a lot of free time in Girona, the buses could return, normally at 16:00.

GIRONA Tourism map PDF