Getting There

Airport Girona Costa Brava

Airport T1 Barcelona

Airport T2 Barcelona

The flight is booked, the suitcases are packed and you’re ready to go. The only thing left to do is to find an inexpensive way to get to the airport. That’s the reason why CheckMyBus was created: Check ticket prices, compare departure times and book your connection Girona–Costa Brava Airport ↔ Lloret de Mar. This way you can save the money you’d have otherwise spent on high parking fees or a taxi. Take a look at the search results below and choose the one that goes best with your departure or arrival time. We wish you a safe: Girona Costa Brava-Lloret de mar

In Sarfa we offer daily round trips from Barcelona Airport (El Prat) to Lloret de Mar. At El Prat Airport you have two bus stops, a bus stop in front of Terminal T1, and another in front of Terminal T2 between gates B and C.: Barcelona-Lloret de mar